An online research publication to help you make better, more informed decisions about investing in China. It offers local insights, timely updates, long-term thinking and actionable ideas (NO INVESTMENT ADVICE). This is created by Qi Wang, founder and CEO of MegaTrust Investment (HK), a boutique China fund manager.

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Daily Reflection on China
The Big Picture #1: Why Are We Doing This?
Problem #1: Some of the most relevant news and research for investing in China are not available in English and not easily accessible by foreigners. There is often a major disconnect between what actually happened in China and what you read in the Western media. The English readers / foreign investors ought to do a better job of tracking Chinese news. F…
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Daily Reflection on China
The Big Picture #2: Who Are We?
The Daily Reflection on China team is led by Qi Wang, a Wall Street veteran with 25 years of investment experience in U.S. stocks, global tech and Chinese equities. Based in Hong Kong, Qi is the Chief Investment Officer (CIO) of MegaTrust Investment (HK), a boutique fund manager specializing in China A-shares (domestic Chinese stocks). His previous stin…
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Daily Reflection on China
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
What is Daily Reflection on China? A financial publication to help you stay ahead of the game when investing in China. It offers local insights, timely updates, long-term thinking and actionable ideas (NO INVESTMENT ADVICE). Here is a detailed account of…
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I am Qi Wang, CEO of MegaTrust Investment (HK), a boutique China fund manager based in Hong Kong. Total 25 years of experience in Chinese and global equities. This is my blog for MegaTrust clients and professional investors.


Qi Wang CFA

Co-founder & CEO of MegaTrust Investment (HK), a research driven, boutique China fund manager